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About Us

Virtue Wealth Technology Co. Ltd.: located in China, Shenzhen, we have many years of experience in the electronic components market in Russia, our goal is to become the most famous distributor of electronic components, in accordance with “The customer is always right, We are developing together.”

The goal is to firmly establish ourselves in Shenzhen, actively develop ourselves within the country, as well as abroad, and win the trust of our customers. Electronic components of world-famous brands are widely used in communication, industrial, military and other fields. Like a computer chip motherboard, there are special advantages. After many years of development, we have a large stock in stock, reasonable price and fast delivery. We really hope to cooperate in the domestic market, as well as with foreign suppliers, distributors, and industrial enterprises. To develop together in the international electronic market in order to create new electronic devices together.

The main activities of the company: integrated circuit IC, diode, transistor, irrigation transistor (module) resistor, capacitor, connector, switch, inductor, transmitter, crystal oscillator and so on.


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