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00-119 (2835-120LED-IP20-W) white

LED Strip, 120SMD (2835) / m, 12W / m, 1300Lm / m (1m)

  • Glow color: white
  • LED Type: smd 2835
  • Number of LEDs per 1m: 120
  • IP rating: ip20
  • Supply voltage: 12
  • Power consumption, W / m: 12
  • Weight g: fifteen

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Today, LED strip is the most popular decorative source of lighting. The tape can be glued to any surface, cut or grow any length.
The use of such a backlight is possible without the involvement of expensive specialists. Using special adapters, you can mount a lighting device of any length. The tape is cut as convenient for the consumer, its parts are easily connected and brought to a power source.

Nom. number 9000513495
Manufacturer Apeyron Electrics
Glow color white
LED Type smd 2835
Number of LEDs per 1m 120
IP rating ip20
Supply voltage 12
Power consumption, W / m 12
Weight g fifteen

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