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16K1-A10K, L-20KC, 10 kOhm

Variable Resistor

  • Nominal Resistance: 10
  • Accuracy, %: 100
  • Unit Type: com
  • Nominal power, W: 0.2
  • Max working voltage, V: 150
  • Number of revolutions: less than 1
  • Mounting method: to the panel

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Single-turn adjusting resistors. The assortment includes both resistors with a circular movement of the mobile system, and with the slide. Designed to work in electrical circuits of direct, alternating and pulsed current.

Depending on the functions performed, there are constant resistors, with a resistance value fixed during manufacture, and variables, the resistance value of which can be changed by moving the movable contact. Variable resistors are used for repeated adjustments of the equipment, have great wear resistance (up to several hundred thousand cycles).

Nom. number 974578081
Production China
Nominal Resistance 10
A type variable
Model 16k1
Unit Type com
Accuracy, % 10
Functional characteristic logarithmic
Nominal power, W 0.2
Max working voltage, V 150
Number of revolutions less than 1
Engine rotation angle 300
Mounting method to the panel
Engine length 20
Features single
Weight, g 8
Manufacturer China

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