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RMS-DC Converter

  • Supply voltage, V: ± 3 … 18
  • Consumption Current, mA: 2.2
  • Case: soic-16 (7.5 mm)

RMS-DC Converter, Precision [SOIC-16]

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The AD637JRZ is a High Precision Wideband RMS to DC Converter that computes the true RMS value of any complex waveform. It offers performance that is unprecedented in integrated circuit RMS to DC converters and comparable to discrete and modular techniques inaccuracy, bandwidth, and dynamic range. The converter computes the true root mean square, mean square or absolute value of any complex AC (or AC plus DC) input waveform and gives an equivalent DC output voltage. The true RMS value of a waveform is more useful than an average rectified signal because it relates directly to the power of the signal. The RMS value of a statistical signal relates to the standard deviation of the signal. A chip select connection on the AD637 permits the user to decrease the supply current from 2.2mA to 350µA during periods when the RMS function is not in use.

  • High accuracy.
  • 0.02% Maximum nonlinearity.
  • 0.1% Additional error to crest factor of 3.
  • Wide bandwidth.
  • Computes true RMS, square, mean square and absolute value.
  • DB output (60dB range).
  • Chip select / power-down feature allows analogue three-state operation.
  • Quiescent current reduction from 2.2mA to 350µA.
Nom. number 9050000817
Production Analog Devices
Supply voltage, V ± 3 … 18
Consumption Current, mA 2.2
Case soic-16 (7.5 mm)
Weight, g 0.8
Manufacturer Analog Devices

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