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Gas soldering iron (set)

  • Number of nozzles: 2
  • Auto ignition: Yes
  • Soldering Iron Temperature: 580
  • Weight g: 263

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The BASICSET-75 is a high-quality gas kit of the basic configuration, which includes the independent 75 compact anti-static gas soldering iron with a G072KN tip, a case, a stand with a cleaning sponge and an additional G072CN tip. The gas kit is ideal for maintenance and repair work – especially when it is not possible to connect to the electrical network.

Rated power (W): 75
Warm up time (in seconds): 46
Max. temperature: 580С
Soldering tip diameter / width (mm): 2,40
Weight (g): 273
Operating time from one refueling: 60min.
Ignition: piezo ignition

Nom. number 9000107042
Manufacturer ERSA Soldering Tools
Number of nozzles 2
Auto ignition Yes
Soldering Iron Temperature 580
Weight g 263

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