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LCD 122x32 graphic with backlight

  • The number of dots in a row: 122
  • Number of lines: 32
  • Type of crystals: stn
  • Display method: passing
  • Backlight method: LED
  • Backlight color: white
  • Temperature Range: extension
  • Controller: built in.
  • Controller type: sbn1661
  • Supply voltage Vdd-Vss, V: 5
  • Module Size WxHxTmm: 84x44x12.8
  • Visible AreaWxHmm: 60×18
  • Weight g: 37

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Nom. number 9000066334
Manufacturer Blaze Display Technology
The number of dots in a row 122
Number of lines 32
Type of crystals stn
Display method passing
Backlight method LED
Backlight color white
Temperature Range extension
Controller built in.
Controller type sbn1661
Supply voltage Vdd-Vss, V 5
Module Size WxHxTmm 84x44x12.8
Visible AreaWxHmm 60×18
Weight g 37

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