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BK16-250-006-30m, Power extension cord with ground

KG 3x1.5, splash protection, 16A, 30m

  • Wire length m: thirty
  • Number of Outlets: 4
  • Weight kg: 5.9

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The extension cord is designed to connect various electrical appliances and power tools remote from the electrical network, both indoors and outdoors. The wire KG 3×1.5 has increased resistance to physical and temperature influences, withstands the temperature of the external environment to -35. Four outlets are equipped with rubberized covers to protect against dust and moisture.

Rated current: 16A
Mains voltage: 220V
Grounding: yes
Max. load: 3500W
Wire type: KG
Wire cross-section: 3×1.5
Degree of protection: IP44

Nom. number 9000348948
Manufacturer Russia
Wire length m thirty
Number of Outlets 4
Weight kg 5.9

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