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Button ABLF-22

green 1z + 1r IEK BBT10-ABLF-K06

  • Light source: Signal lamp
  • Current type: Alternating Current (AC) / Direct Current (DC)
  • IP degree of protection: ip40/li>
  • Lever color: green
  • With warning light: Yes

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Button ABLF-22 green 1z + 1r IEK BBT10-ABLF-K06 is designed to provide operational control of magnetic starters (contactors) and automation relays in AC circuits with a frequency of 50 Hz and a maximum voltage of 660 V, as well as in DC circuits with a voltage of 400 V.

The product consists of a contact module and a removable head. The contact group of black is closing, brown – breaking. The removable head makes it possible to quickly replace lamps and filters. Conductors are connected to the button using screw terminals.

The LED matrix in the indicator provides a strong luminous flux, which is more powerful than the flux from neon lamps. In addition, the life of the matrix is ​​increased (up to 6 thousand hours).

The simple design allows you to quickly mount and disassemble a button on a panel or panel. Due to the rubber o-rings, protection is provided against foreign objects entering the mechanism.


  • diameter of the mounting hole – 22mm;
  • contact group – 1NO + 1NZ;
  • button – with return, without fixing;
  • button color – green;
  • rated voltage – 230V4
  • manufacturer – IEK

Modular button for switchboards

Nom. number 8000848489
Manufacturer Iek
Light source Signal lamp
Current type Alternating Current (AC) / Direct Current (DC)
IP degree of protection ip40
Lever color green
With warning light Yes

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