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Copper 0.2, Tinned copper wire d = 0.2mm

bay 20m

  • Diameter mm: 0.2
  • Composition: copper
  • Weight g: 0.01

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MML – soft tinned copper wire.

This type of wire is characterized by high protection from external environmental factors (compared to ordinary wire). This protective characteristic was made possible thanks to the external coating, in the form of tin, which protects against external factors. In addition to protection from the external environment, tin gives the wire strength, tensile and fracture.

For the manufacture of tinned copper wire, a conventional copper wire is used, which undergoes a galvanic tinning procedure. This process involves passing the wire through the tin bath in which the molten tin is located.

Soft tinned copper wire is intended for electrical purposes, as well as for the manufacture of conductive wires of cables, cords, wires and braids.

Nom. number 9000361717
Manufacturer Russia
Diameter mm 0.2
Composition copper
Weight g 0.01

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