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Current transformer TTE-30 250

5A class acc. 0.5 5V.A EKF tc-30-250

  • Weight, g: 500

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Purpose Current transformers are intended for transmitting a signal of measuring information to measuring devices, protection and control devices and are used in AC networks with a nominal frequency of 50 Hz and a rated voltage of up to 660 V.

Current transformers are installed, for example, in input-distribution devices for accounting for energy consumption.

The company’s product range includes current transformers with a built-in bus – ТТЭ-А, and with a universal window (without a built-in bus) – ТТЭ-30, ТТЭ-60, ТТЭ-85, ТТЭ-100, ТТЭ-125.

1. The transformer housing is non-separable, made of self-extinguishing polymer material.
2. The integrated bus bar of the transformer TTE-A is copper tinned, which allows connecting both copper and aluminum busbars.
3. Rated current up to 5000 A.
4. Universal window of transformers ТТЭ-30 – ТТЭ-125 allows using them on buses and cables of various sections and configurations.
5. The secondary terminals are covered with a transparent cover for safety. The cover can be sealed.
6. Two mounting methods: on the bus or on the panel.
7. Two versions: black with MPI for 4 years and color with MPI for 8 years.

Overall and installation dimensions

Typical connection schemes

Operation and installation features Current transformers are available in two series – for installation on a bus / conductor (ТТЭ 30-125) and with a built-in bus (ТТЭ-А).

In addition, there are two versions – black current transformers with an intertesting interval of 4 years and color current transformers (yellow, green, red to match the color of the phases) with an intertesting interval of 8 years (TFE color).

Black current transformers are delivered in individual packages, color current transformers are supplied in sets of 3 pcs. different color.

A feature of TTE color is the guarantee of metrological compatibility, because the kit consists of transformers of one batch.

Standard equipment

1. Current transformer.
2. The holder for mounting on the bus – 1 pc.
3. Bolts for the holder on the tire – 1 pc.
4. Holders for mounting on a mounting plate – 2 pcs.
5. The operation manual.

Nom. number 9000588053
Manufacturer EKF
Weight, g 500

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