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ELM 327 USB adapter

OBDII scanner for car diagnostics

  • Device type: diagnostic adapter
  • Type of connection: wired usb
  • Connection socket: block obdii
  • Interpretation: virtual com port
  • Weight g: 92

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The ELM 327 USB adapter is designed to connect the diagnostic software to the vehicle ECU. Suitable for computers, laptops, tablets. Standard OBD II connector.

Connect the adapter to the car diagnostic connector, run the diagnostic software on the laptop. You will be able to: Read and delete fault codes detected by the car’s self-diagnosis system on your own. Monitor the main parameters of the engine systems (speed, speed, temperature, voltage, the status of sensors, etc.). Monitor fuel consumption. Monitor trips (distance traveled, travel time, speed, etc.). Monitor engine warming up in cold weather. Use other service functions.

Nom. number 9000332501
Device type diagnostic adapter
Type of connection wired usb
Connection socket block obdii
Interpretation virtual com port
Communication protocols iso 9141/14230, j 1850 pwm / vpw, can (j-2284)
Weight g 92
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