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Power supply, 0-30V-3Ax2, 4xLED (State registry)

  • Source type: linear
  • Number of channels: 3
  • Output voltage, V: thirty
  • Output current, A: 3

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Two adjustable channels (GPS-2303)
High stability (0.01%) and low ripple (1 mV)
Serial (60 V / 3 A) and parallel (30 V / 6 A) connection of outputs (GPS-2303, 3303, 4303 )
Digital indication of current and voltage (3 digits, LEDs)
Voltage and current stabilization modes
Electronic load shedding
Protection of outputs from reverse polarity
Low-noise cooling fan with thermal adjustment
Two options for output connectors
Reduced overall dimensions compared to devices of the GPQ, GPC series

Nom. number 608730808
Manufacturer Good Will Instek
Source type linear
Number of channels 2
Output voltage, V thirty
Output current, A 3

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