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Optocoupler, Low Input Current Logic Gate [DIP-8]

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The HCPL-2200-000E is a low current optically coupled Logic Gate Optocoupler that combines a GaAsP LED and an integrated high gain photo-detector. The detector has a three-state output stage and has a detector threshold with hysteresis. The three-state output eliminates the need for a pull-up resistor and allows for direct drive of data busses. The hysteresis provides differential mode noise immunity and eliminates the potential for output signal chatter. Low IF and wide VCC range allow compatibility with TTL, LSTTL and CMOS logic and result in lower power consumption compared to another high-speed optocoupler. It is useful for isolating high-speed logic interfaces, buffering of input and output lines and implementing isolated line receivers in high noise environments.

  • Compatible with LSTTL, TTL and CMOS logic.
  • 1.6mA Low input current.
  • Guaranteed performance from 0 to 85 ° C temperature range.
Nom. number 9000028358
Weight g 1.3
Manufacturer Avago Technologies

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