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179020.0.05; 0.05 A, 250 V, 5×20 mm, F

High-speed glass fuse

  • Material: ceramics
  • Rated voltage: 250
  • Rated operational current, A: 5
  • Weight g: 5

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SIBA miniature fuses are designed to protect semiconductors (thyristors and diodes), low-current linear circuits, electric motor and transformer circuits, etc. They are installed in measuring instruments and household electrical equipment, in ACS systems, in industrial electronics, etc.

High-speed fuses – F (quick action) – are able to protect equipment from both overcurrents and short-circuit currents. The response time of such fuses at 10 times the current overload is approximately 10 ms. This allows the use of such fuses in circuits where switching or continuous operation is not expected switching or other current overloads. What is especially important when it is necessary to quickly break the short circuit current.

Nom. number 9000413549
Manufacturer Siba
Material ceramics
Rated voltage 250
Rated operational current, A 5
Weight g 5

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