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MEGEON 15011

Universal Oscilloscope

  • A type: analog
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Bandwidth, MHz: 10
  • State registry: not

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The stationary oscilloscope Megeon 15010 is an analog measuring device that is widely used in industrial facilities, repair shops, and various educational institutions. It is worth noting that the device is equipped with an integrated calibrator, and the maximum bandwidth is 10 MHz. The Megeon 15010 oscilloscope is equipped with one input channel and has a CRT display.

The oscilloscope supports several types of synchronization: self-oscillating, by the video signal, standby. Due to the horizontal design of the case and small dimensions, this oscilloscope is ideal for testing and testing electronic equipment in the laboratory.

Nom. number 8054264063
A type analog
Number of channels 1
Bandwidth, MHz 10
State registry not
Manufacturer MEGEON

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