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PL4401 (EL-92)

Headband magnifier 20x monocular (glasses) with backlight (1 LED)

  • Multiplicity: 20
  • Weight g: 75

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Monocular headband magnifier (glasses), magnification 20X. LED backlight (1 super-bright LED) allows you to work in low light conditions. Such a forehead binocular magnifier is indispensable for visually impaired people or when working with small objects.
A magnifier allows you not to occupy your hands and examine objects at high magnification.
Lighting direction is easily adjustable. Monocle magnifier easily moves to the side or leans up. The scope of such a magnifier is extensive: reading, radio engineering and jewelry, watchmaking, medicine. Features: Magnification: 20X. Folded dimensions: 150x50x50mm. Weight with batteries: 50 g. Material: metal, plastic. Power supply: 1 cell type CR1620, 3V. Backlight: 1 super-bright LED. An indispensable tool for those who need to make out the small details of an image or text.

Nom. number 9000105154
Manufacturer China
Multiplicity 20
Weight g 75

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