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Programmable power supply

  • Source type: linear
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Output voltage, V: thirty
  • Output current, A: 5
  • State registry: Yes
  • Weight, kg: 10

0-30V 0-5A 150W (State registry)

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Choose the right voltage and current — quickly and accurately. The wide range of currents and voltages and flexible options make the PWS4000 Series power supplies the perfect complement to your fleet. Thanks to the basic error in voltage of 0.03% and the basic error in current of 0.05%, you can be sure of the accuracy of the output parameters. The ability to use a remote sensor to compensate for voltage drop across the wires and a noise level of less than 5 mVp-peak further increase the accuracy of voltage setting. List mode and a USB port for remote programming speed up the development of complex test circuits. PWS4000 Series power supplies generate exactly the voltage you need in your tasks – and quickly and accurately.

Full control of output parameters
All models of the PWS4000 series are equipped with an overvoltage protection circuit, which reduces the output voltage if for some reason it exceeds the threshold set by the user. In addition, the PWS4000 helps prevent accidental voltage settings above the specified limit. Setting the current limit may be critical to protect the device under test from damage. You can quickly and accurately enter the current limit before starting a measurement directly from the numeric keypad. This value is always shown on the display, reminding you of this important setting. A user-defined password allows you to lock the front panel to prevent unwanted settings during critical tests.

Main technical characteristics
Linear stabilization
Output voltage up to 72 V
Basic voltage error 0.03%
Basic current error 0.05%
Ripple and noise less than 5 mVp peak

Functions and features
Simultaneous display of the output voltage, current and limit values
Up to 40 user-defined settings on the bright display
Direct input of parameters from the numeric keypad
Adjustable surge protection
List mode for step-by-step execution of stored test
Remote sensor for compensation of wire resistance

Outputs on the back panel and start / status line
USB port on the rear panel for quick connection to a remote programming PC.
National Instrument LabVIEW SignalExpress ™ Tektronix Edition software for integration into the work environment is included in the package.

Nom. number 9000109903
Manufacturer Tektronix
Source type linear
Number of channels 1
Output voltage, V thirty
Output current, A 5
State registry Yes
Weight, kg 10

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