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Power regulator

  • Number of channels: 1
  • Maximum current, A: 40
  • Maximum voltage, V: 220
  • Type of voltage: ac
  • Control element: Triac
  • Weight g: 4

Power regulator on the Triac BTA41-600 and the chip K1182PM1R

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Project Vanilla. Classification level UNO is our clone of the Arduino Uno platform, built on the ATmega328P-PU microcontroller in the DIP-28 package. The location of the terminals along the perimeter of the board and its dimensions provide ease of use for beginner electronics and programmers.

The original UNO was developed by the Italian company Arduino LLC.

Additionally, a PCA9555PW chip is installed on our board, which forms an additional 16 digital inputs/outputs. The USB / UART converter is assembled on a CP2102 chip.

Vanilla can receive power through the Mini USB connector, or from external sources: 6-12 V (Vin pin), or 5 V (5V pin).

The voltage at terminal 3.3 V is generated by a built-in regulator on the board.

Nom. number 9000546544
Number of channels 1
Maximum current, A 40
Maximum voltage, V 220
Type of voltage ac
Control element Triac
Weight g 4
Manufacturer Electronic troops

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