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Four Channel PWM Power Regulator

  • Number of channels: 4
  • Maximum current, A: 5.6
  • Maximum voltage, V: 100
  • Type of voltage: dc
  • Control element: n-channel mosfet
  • Weight g: 58.3

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The module is designed for smooth adjustment of DC voltage in four channels. Each channel is adjusted by pressing the more /fewer buttons. Unlike conventional PWM voltage regulators in RDC2-0022, in addition to changing the duty cycle of the pulses, the pulse frequency can also be changed, and in a very wide range – from 8 Hz to 480 kHz. This is necessary to completely reduce the influence of interference in the area of ​​operation of the regulator, for example in the vehicle’s on-board network. And also for smooth, flicker-free regulation of powerful LED spotlights. Or maybe just for your laboratory experiments, for example with DC motors.

A wide range of adjustable voltages (up to 100V) allows you to use the regulator in a larger line of standard onboard voltages (12V, 24V, 48V …).

Particularly promising will be the use of the module as a dimmer for powerful LED strips, LED lamps and spotlights. The voltage of the latter is usually 30 or 60V.

Nom. number 9000414076
Number of channels 4
Maximum current, A 5.6
Maximum voltage, V 100
Type of voltage dc
Control element n-channel mosfet
Weight g 58.3
Manufacturer Electronic troops

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